Several years ago, I was walking the High Point Furniture Market, looking for the next trend wave. I was suffering from a common malady, which is a ferocious case visual overload. In my haze I wandering through endless hallways of showroom that where spilling out their new wares. Imagine a town, that twice a year Read More

Beach Bum Couture


A few years ago I found myself in a full-fledged mid-life…opportunity. Like many people, I have had some great gigs in my life. I could pay the bills and occasionally buy something indulgent. However, I found myself on a happiness hunt. I was totally stuck on what could bring me more authentic smiles. Should I Read More

Raised Surfaces Make Tiles More Interesting


A key word for interesting design has to be texture. As room decor becomes more monochromatic, it is important to add texture to a design wherever possible. Today’s ceramic tiles are available in a range of textures, shapes, formats and sizes. For decades our choices were shinny or matte. Now you have almost as many Read More

The House Whisperer


Imagine for a moment that you had the personal phone numbers to the most influential, savvy thinkers in the country. Boom, right there in your contacts are the digits to world leaders, spiritual gurus, renown chefs and business tycoons. Got some guest coming over and you need to whip up an impressive appetizer. How about Read More

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