This Little Coop Is Just Chicky

Driven by the growing interest in farm to table cuisine, many homeowners are turning their backyards into free range habitats for chickens.  From the suburbs to urban city lots, chic little chicken coops are dotting the landscape.  More and more cities are relaxing their laws and ordinances and allowing chickens, so city dwellers can enjoy Read More

Tile Transformations

Pattern can be very tricky to incorporate into your décor.  It is much safer but boring to stay with solid colors.  Hardwoods and carpet are popular because they’re a save choice.  But neither fit the bill when it comes to durability for kitchens, bathrooms and service areas.   They are also so neutral that they lend Read More

Too Matchy – Matchy

I hope today’s column will put to rest the need to make everything in your house match.  If you’ve got brass doorknobs and long for a new silver or rub bronze chandelier go for it.  The most interesting homes are those that are a unified collection of styles. I want to focus on the kitchen Read More

DIY Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments

DIY Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments

When the Ball Company reissued their Spring Green mason jars earlier this year, I bought a pack of six to use as drinking glasses. That, of course, meant that the six lids were fair game for crafts! Click here for full instructions.

Dec 16 2016 by in DIY Projects

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