Industrial influences

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a home. The right lighting creates an inviting environment and sets the scene for entertaining guests, while largely impacting the functionality and perceived value of your home.

Statement light fixtures have the ability to further your overall design and transform the look and feel of your favorite spaces. When creating your lighting plan, it’s important to consider fixtures that not only correlate with your current style and color scheme, but also reflect the latest industry trends.

Read on to learn top lighting trends, as identified by lighting and design experts at leading lighting manufacturer Progress Lighting.

Industrial influences

Fixtures with an industrial flair support a great, clean-lined look, and are a strong trend for 2015. Inspired by mid-century design, these fixtures are more masculine than your traditional lighting sources. Key features include mixed metals, knob and strap details, and Edison bulbs – all of which contribute to a warehouse, vintage electric feel.


Exposed Sources

Exposed sources

Another trend is the use of fixtures with exposed light sources – with no glass shade, or often surrounded by clear or ribbed glass. These designs support a minimalist design approach and contribute to a fresh and lively atmosphere.


Decorative lighting with distinctive circular elements bring a contemporary feel to today’s interiors. Whether a large airy fixture or geometric fixture with characteristic orb accents, the shift towards circular-inspired design is clear in the residential landscape.


Elements of Glamour

Elements of Glamour

Elegant fixtures – traditionally found in dining rooms and entryways – are making their way into unexpected areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Designers and architects are choosing fancier lighting additions, adorned with beads, bobeches and crystals, contributing to the luxurious feel of the space.

Grouped Pendant Displays

When it comes to pendant lighting – the more the merrier. A large entertainment island is one of the top priorities for today’s homeowners. A popular way to highlight this area is to cluster multiple mini-pendants above the island.


Grouped Pendant Displays

Mix and match styles and finishes at differing heights for a contemporary feel. Or, line the island with the same size and style for a simple, clean-lined approach. Pendants are also popping up in unexpected applications such as over a dining room table or surrounding a bathroom vanity.

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