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What’s Trending: 2014

Home decor, just like any form of fashion, never stands still. Even though we are only half way through 2013, it’s time to look ahead to the changes that we will see in 2014. Think of your house like your closet. It is always changing, embracing new color trends and eliminating the old ones. As a designer it is my job to stay ahead of what’s trending and what’s not. Tracking trends is one of my favorite duties because it’s all about observation. Watching what’s happening on all fronts. From travel to fashion it all influences what will be lining the store shelves during the upcoming months and years. Because it takes time for products to be developed and manufactured, trend watchers have to have far reaching vision. What you may just be noticing we saw coming 12-18 months ago. Here are my observations as to what’s trending in home décor for 2014. Color For the past couple of seasons we have tried to pick up the economy by pushing uplifting colors. You’ve all seen orange and bright pinks popping off the shelves. But as appealing as those colors can be, most homeowners found it a little difficult to decorate with orange and pink. You will still see these shades in the coming months but yellow will definitely be taking their place as the new uplifting color shade. Rounding...

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What Color to Paint

I love hearing from all my FYH viewers. I feel like I’m truly involved in helping design and support each and every one of you as you decorate your homes and brighten your spaces. Like when my best friends call and say, “Can you stop by and give me some advice about what color to paint this room?” or “Do you think this chair looks good here?” To me my viewers are my friends. You may think that your questions are unique but I’ve noticed over the years that there are a lot of similarities. So, I’ve put together...

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Meet Vicki Payne

Vicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer, home improvement, gardening and decorating expert. Each week, for over 15 years, millions of viewers both nationally and internationally have tuned in to watch her popular television show, For Your Home. read more

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