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2606 – Building Your Team Part 2

Now that the initial building process is well underway, Vicki shows us how to make important decisions when it comes to materials for your custom home. By asking questions and doing research you can find the best materials for your home. Building for the Cure Custom House: Kathy Krafta Harkema with Pella Windows helps pick out windows that compliment the farmhouse style. They are double hung windows, tilted for easy cleaning, the exterior aluminum clad is classic white, and interior framework is wooden. These windows are energy star and constructed of Low-E glass, which prevents fading of your interior...

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2607 – Trim and Surfaces

Vicki walks through the process of outfitting the home for superior performance and beauty. Design Details: Drywall expert Don Taylor from Certain Teed explains how to select the perfect drywall for a space for both function and aesthetics. Shane Judd from Kohler A customized and personalized hearth and hood area are incorporated into the space by Lennox Hearth. 8” x 8” beams from Southern Pine Awareness Network are place in 3 different spaces throughout the home. The interior ceiling accent of a dome by Fypon is incorporated into the space as an accent area. Energy management control systems are...

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2608 – Decorative Accents

Vicki takes the viewers through the process of selecting flooring and tile in the show house and gives advice on how to avoid pitfalls during this phase of building or renovating a home. Design Details: Rick Sears from Innovative Stone explains the different options available to homeowners for stone selection in terms of finishes, colors, and materials. The countertops were provided by a Heritage Stone. Scott Mingonet from Urban Resource Group is the landscape architect that helped to enhance the exterior of the home and continue to create the farm house feel to the show home. David Jacobus from...

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2609 – Two Acres

Vicki explains how to create a garden oasis to increase the value to a home. Scott Mignonet from Urban Resource Group is the Landscape Architect that helps bring the vision of farm house-like charm to this new home. Scott and Vicki discuss the vision for the vast landscape of the Build for the Cure House, which includes everything from magnolias to cherry trees in order to achieve that farm house look David Jacobus from Madison Landscape & Design Group, Inc. explains the installation process of Mignonet’s plan as well as the details of irrigation and the actual flora selected...

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2610 – Holy Faux

Start turning this house into a home by creating dream spaces. Now the interior spaces really begin to take shape as we can express ourselves through materials like paint. Faux Finishing and Murals: Gary Lord of Prismatic Painting helps pick out various faux finishes to use throughout the space. Make sure to research your faux finish as many of them have distinctive styles. Sherry Ayers from You Faux Girl, picks out a silk wallpaper finish. Kim Falls from Mural Mural on the Wall paints the mural on the wall of Neverland. Summer Savin from You Faux Girl uses a...

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Vicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer, home improvement, gardening and decorating expert. Each week, for over 15 years, millions of viewers both nationally and internationally have tuned in to watch her popular television show, For Your Home. read more

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