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A Space of His Own Part 6: Hardware

Hardware is the “Bling” of the house. I’ve worked with Top Knobs for years. They have the largest most versatile cabinet hardware selections. Pulls in various lengths, coordinating knobs and even matching bath hardware. Hardware needs not only to be beautiful it must be functional. Bill wanted sleek lines but didn’t want something that looked or felt dainty. I selected several different styles and finishes for his consideration. Top Knobs will send free samples so it easy to see how they feel in your hand and fit on the cabinets. I selected two different collections for the kitchen. For...

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A Space of His Own Part 5: Cabinets

Designing perfect work centers for a home takes skill, knowledge and quality products. As a custom designer, you must know how to maximize every inch of space in what can be a limited area. You must understand building codes and requirements and have a working knowledge of all the appliance and cabinet manufacturers options. All these design tools are important but the biggie is knowing how your client lives. Bill loves to cook and entertain. He is also 6’5” so height and plenty of room to move about is key to making his kitchen function for him. He likes...

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A Space of His Own Part 4: Power to Form and Function

Building or renovating a home is filled with decisions. Some are easy like how many bedrooms you need, how many bathrooms. But the big questions, many you may never have considered, can end up being the most important long term. What goes behind the walls are early, important decisions. Trying to make changes after a home is built can be expensive and even impossible. These top decisions center around the plumbing and electrical systems. Multiple times a day we depend on getting water and power instantly. This is not the time to skimp on the quality of these home...

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A Space of His Own Part 3: Material Selections

Blueprints are the skeleton of a home. It lays out the footprint of the design. How large the house will be how it will be divided into rooms, hallways, foyer, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. The “Plans” are comprised of several pages detailing every structural and mechanical detail of the home. The electrical plan, engineering details, foundation, roof, plumbing, doors and window details. Everyone that contributes to the house will use the “Plans” to execute their portion of the project. It’s critical that many of the major materials be selected during the design process. You can change brands, colors and textures...

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A Space of His Own Part 2: The Design Phase

It’s like the car ad, it’s critical I know what you like, what you don’t like and what you need. The design phase of any project is essential to its success. The footprint of the house, how it sits on the lot, its size, shape and features need to be completely finalized long before a shovel hits the ground. Bill and builder discussing the lot and tree removal. It’s hard for homeowners to be patient and work through all the fine details it takes to build a new house. As the Project Manager, it is up to me to...

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