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You’ve probably seen this rough, granular surfaced leather material used on a variety of surfaces but never knew what it was. Originally used for elegant book bindings, pocketbooks and small boxes and cases it’s look is very distinct. Shagreen once made from horse hides is now made from the skins of sharks and rays. It looks delicate but it is water resistant and very durable. When swords and daggers were once the vogue Shagreen was used for hilts and scabbards. Most often associated with the Art Deco era due to its luxury and exoticism appearance. Real Shagreen is expensive...

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Balance and Scale in the Bedroom

Does your bedroom lack style and personality? No matter what you try it never looks pulled together like the pictures on line or in magazines. If so, the problem might be one of balance and scale. Balance is the key that unlocks designer looks and scale is the tool that keeps it stable. People feel most at home in a room that is balanced. Two matching lamps, a coordinating pair of pictures a dual set of occasional chairs. You adhere close to this theory in your living room but when it comes to the bedroom, function overcomes form and...

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Box Moldings

Traditional style is expressed in many ways. The most impressive is the use of wood moldings. Crown molding turns an ordinary room into one of elegance and style. Wider baseboards and door and window moldings take a home from builder’s standard to custom. One of my favorite types of molding is box molding. These are the individual square or rectangular shapes created out of picture frame style moldings applied to the walls that divide it into sections. Most often box molding is used in the formal spaces of a home such as the dining room, foyer and living room....

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Tile Transformations

Pattern can be very tricky to incorporate into your décor. It is much safer but boring to stay with solid colors. Hardwoods and carpet are popular because they’re a save choice. But neither fit the bill when it comes to durability for kitchens, bathrooms and service areas. They are also so neutral that they lend very little excitement to a room’s décor. A great solution to shake up your spaces might be patterned porcelain tiles. During the past couple of years tile manufacturers have expanded tile options to include exciting geometric designs and floral patterns. Porcelain tile is durable,...

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Too Matchy – Matchy

I hope today’s column will put to rest the need to make everything in your house match. If you’ve got brass doorknobs and long for a new silver or rub bronze chandelier go for it. The most interesting homes are those that are a unified collection of styles. I want to focus on the kitchen because that’s the most used room in your house and probably the room both your family and your friends like to frequent.  It’s also the room where we have lots of different materials and surfaces coming together.  From appliances to hardware it can be...

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Meet Vicki Payne

Vicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer, home improvement, gardening and decorating expert. Each week, for over 15 years, millions of viewers both nationally and internationally have tuned in to watch her popular television show, For Your Home. read more

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