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What All the Cool Kids are Doing

Twice a year, I jet off to High Point, North Carolina to attend the Furniture Market. Me and 75,000 other furniture fanatics spend a week scoping out what we hope will soon sell in home furnishing stores across the country. This year, I have been invited to be on a panel and speak on trends. While this is a heady compliment and sounds fun, talking about trends actually reminds me of gossiping about what all the cool kids are doing. Click here to read the full...

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Steeped In Sensational-ness

Trend alert… For several years now, the Turkish rug merchants have been taking their old worn out and often thread-bare rugs and completely transforming them. In fact their up-cycled carpets are so incredible that they started a major trend here in the Unites States. Are you curious what they did to transform those formerly trot upon carpets? They dipped them in vats of vibrant colored dye. That’s right, they steeped their vintage rugs, like a big awkward teabag, in barrels of magentas, aquas and apple green colored dye to create something that is, well simply put … breathtaking. Aside...

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When I bought my house, it came with two horribly stained, carpeted bedrooms. I am not sure why, but someone else’s stains are way grosser than your own. So, after five months of walking over the crime scene carpet, I decided to tear it out and put down hardwood floors. Truthfully, I already knew what I wanted. I was just waiting for the flooring in my mind to materialize in a store. The hunt was on for a wood floor in a matte, taupe-ish, chocolate stain that was both beachy and beauteous. In preparation for the big decision, I...

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Tales of a Sluggish Adopter

Have you ever heard of an early adopter? Wikipedia describes them as an early customer of products, technology, politics, fashion or art. You probably know them as trendsetters or the cool kids on your block. Maybe you are even one yourself. They are the people who wait in line overnight outside an Apple store for the latest gizmo. They rock out to music by unknown artists and they tend to dress themselves in clothes that aren’t sold at the local mall. While I totally admire early adopters, I am definitely not one of them. I admit to having once...

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Have a seat…No not there.

Don’t tell anyone, but I never grew up thinking that sofa styles were particularly fascinating. The arms are usually rolled or straight, you add a few cushions, some wood or chrome legs and voila you have a couch. No big deal, right? The weird thing is that I spent nearly 20 years of my life designing sofa collections. Before you take pity on me, I also cranked out countless chairs and sectional styles as well. To be completely honest, sometimes I grew tired of coming up with a new twist on seating styles. I mean, how many different designs...

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Meet Vicki Payne

Vicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer, home improvement, gardening and decorating expert. Each week, for over 15 years, millions of viewers both nationally and internationally have tuned in to watch her popular television show, For Your Home. read more

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