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Have you ever had a friend who you wished you could be more like? For me, that is my gal pal Paige Babor. She has this “I just tossed this on” look that epitomizes casual coolness. Her signature is her wrist full of bracelets, each one is her own creation. She is a jewelry designer and stylist by day. Her home is often rented out for commercials by people who pretend that they live there. I would describe her taste as Malibu French Chic and spectacular. The other day she stopped by to visit my new nest. Truthfully, I...

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Big Time

When I arrived in Sarasota, I only brought a small truckload of things that I wanted to start the next chapter of life. Having to haul my belongings 2000 miles, made me very choosy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a sofa to sit on, but what I did bring was lots of art. Black and white photography has always had a gravitational pull on me. I have stacks of it. I also have a few of those blurry stretched canvases that either look like a sea scene or a paint spill depending on your appreciation of modern art. My new...

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Painting With Your Plants

Have you ever squashed a sentimental flower into a heavy book, hoping to preserve its memory? In an odd attempt to a capture disastrous evening, I squashed the rose that was presented to me at my junior prom by my sky-blue tux wearing date, in between the pages of a massive history book. In truth, I never really understood how a flaky dull remnant of a flower, which seemed to leave a moldy imprint, would stir up any fond memory. If this crushing flower sport has eluded you, don’t worry. There is a new twist in flower art. Here...

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Throwing In The Towel

Do you have any chairs with sad or stained fabric seat covers? You know, the kind of cushions that you can pop off with a few screws. Well, I did. I had 4 dingy kitchen chairs that I had lugged to last 3 homes. Each cushion sported a memorable stain. My friend, Jane, was the first to fling a buttery lobster claw on the newly unwrapped seats. She had to eat on the front porch whenever she visited after that. Then there where the countless hazelnut coffee dribbles from my sleepy morning slurps and recently a dirty Sasquatch sized...

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Twice a year High Point, North Carolina turns on its lights and is bombarded with home centric buyers that are shopping the Furniture Market. For the past 20 years I have been part of that herd. A common malady experienced at market is a ferocious case of visual overload. Several years ago while I was on the hunt for something fresh, I found myself wandering the maze of showrooms. Many manufacturers tend to duplicate rather than innovate style. So, whenever I see something trend worthy my pulse quickens. I slow down and quietly approach the piece like I am...

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Meet Vicki Payne

Vicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer, home improvement, gardening and decorating expert. Each week, for over 15 years, millions of viewers both nationally and internationally have tuned in to watch her popular television show, For Your Home. read more

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