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Strappy Furniture Makes a Room More Interesting

Last year’s shoes featured rows and rows of straps. Well, fashion is always just a step ahead of home décor. So it was a delight to see furniture and home accessories with that same fetching attention to detail at the spring furniture market in High Point last month. The beauty of strappy furniture is in its ability to float in space. Indoors or out, open weave construction has an airy appeal. Made Goods introduced a dramatic Elizabethan-style chair called Aurora. A metal base and synthetic rattan straps, teak legs, and weatherproof fabric create a chair that is not only...

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Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Metals in the Kitchen

Have you ever fallen for a light fixture or range hood but thought you couldn’t have it in your kitchen because it wasn’t the same metal finish as everything else? Rejoice, the finishes don’t have to match. Some of the most spectacular kitchens today are a mix of metal finishes, wood tones and painted cabinetry. There was a time when we thought stainless steel appliances had to set the tone for all the metal finishes in the kitchen. Not true. Designer Michelle Workman proves that a well-planned design can incorporate just about any color or type of metal finish....

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Technology Gives Ceramics a Second Wind

The ceramic tile industry is being revolutionized. What you’ll soon see in stores are products that blend 3-D digital printing technology, century-old manufacturing techniques and skilled artistry. Digital printing technology allows manufacturers to produce ceramics that look, feel and perform as well as or better than natural stone or wood. The look is so realistic that you have to remind yourself it’s not the real thing. But don’t think this is just about mimicking a look. It’s much more. It’s about creating a product that is easier to keep clean, more durable and more affordable to install. The product...

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What’s Trending in Home Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a home. The right lighting creates an inviting environment and sets the scene for entertaining guests, while largely impacting the functionality and perceived value of your home. Statement light fixtures have the ability to further your overall design and transform the look and feel of your favorite spaces. When creating your lighting plan, it’s important to consider fixtures that not only correlate with your current style and color scheme, but also reflect the latest industry trends. Read on to learn top lighting trends, as identified by lighting and design experts...

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Floorcloths of Vinyl or Canvas are Versatile and Inexpensive

I’ve recently rediscovered floorcloths, a refreshing alternative for dressing up your flooring. Let’s face it, there are just some places that aren’t suitable for standard fiber-based rugs. Floorcloths are about as vintage as you can get for a good reason: They are durable, lie flat on the floor and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You can use them in kitchens, hallways, entry areas, dining rooms or any place with high traffic and where messy spills are bound to take place. I love how easy they are to keep clean and how they can bring a burst...

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Meet Vicki Payne

Vicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer, home improvement, gardening and decorating expert. Each week, for over 15 years, millions of viewers both nationally and internationally have tuned in to watch her popular television show, For Your Home. read more

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