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Use Paint to Freshen Your Home for Spring

Spring is the time of the year when many of us start to think about freshening up our interiors. The most economical and dramatic change can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint. We all agree that freshly painted walls can make any space look amazing, but choosing the right paint color can be daunting. The task is so overwhelming to some that they just give up and repaint using the same color. I recently spent some time with Benjamin Moore color expert Ellen O’Neill to talk about trends, color personalities and tips for picking the perfect...

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A Home Library That’s Easy on the Eyes

I’ve always been a book person. I love the way books feel when I hold them, how they look stacked neatly on a coffee table and the orderly beauty of rows and rows of books on a shelf. Over the years, my books have grown into a library. They remind me of all the wonderful characters, stories and ideas that have helped shape my life and my home’s decor. I was thrilled when I recently read that home libraries are making a comeback, in spite of our urge to simplify our lives and reduce clutter. Perhaps it’s that books...

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Attention to Detail is What a Stylist Knows Best

Most designers and consumers prefer pieces with a history and a story. They add panache to spaces and reveal so much about who lives here. Anyone can go into a furniture store and purchase an entire room where all the pieces have been preselected. But it takes time to put together a room that’s unique, stylish and interesting. My dear friend Joyce Leyland described it best: “It’s the thrill of the hunt, don’t you know?” Leyland is one of the most talented stylists I have ever known. A stylist is someone with a love of interiors and all things...

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Create Mix-an-Match Dining Room

Your dining rooms can become boring, unused spaces if you’re not careful. Too many of us seem to think having a formal dining room means it has to be furnished with traditional, matching furniture. Well, keep your dining room, but relax the style so it gets some action more than now and then. Start by making the room more approachable. If you have a traditional dining suite, consider breaking it up. Repurpose some of the pieces. China cabinets are out of vogue, so don’t use them in the usual way. They can be storage and display cabinets. A dated...

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Sliding Doors Expand the Concept of the Open Floor Plan

Wide-open floor plans are a trend that has endured for a decade. Removing walls and opening up our rooms removes visual and physical clutter. Now we are expanding this concept even more by removing doors to pantries, laundry rooms and even bathrooms. Making multiple trips to your pantry while cooking or your laundry room – arms filled with piles of clothes – is a lot easier if there’s no door to contend with. Master bathroom suites with separate water closets function beautifully if you don’t have to open and close the main door every time you go in or...

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Meet Vicki Payne

Vicki Payne is a nationally recognized designer, home improvement, gardening and decorating expert. Each week, for over 15 years, millions of viewers both nationally and internationally have tuned in to watch her popular television show, For Your Home. read more

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