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Chic Sheep

There are certain things you see in magazines or in museums that you just can’t forget. For me, it’s life size whimsical sheep. Not living sheep, although they’re adorable too, I’m referring to Lalannes’ sheep. “They are not furniture, they are not sculpture – call...

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Horns and Hides

Having grown up in Texas I’m thrilled with the major influence horns and hides are having on home décor. Whether the horns are real or resin, there is a natural, organic look and feel to this trend. I hesitate to make it sound like a fad because designers and artisans...

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High Point Market Report

Sunny skies and warmer temperatures were the perfect companion for this season’s High Point Furniture Market. The key word was “optimistic”. The colors, styles and everyone’s attitude were buoyant and enthusiastic. Let’s start with color. That’s always the first...

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Fresh New Design Styles for Outdoors

Designers deliver exciting, clean, tailored looks for outdoor living spaces. Styles have changed dramatically this season. The biggest change is “less is more”. Spaces have been decluttered, texture replaces color and even container plantings are low and compact....

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Tear Down Those Wall Cabinets

A major kitchen renovation can be very expensive and disruptive to everyone in the household. But you can still make some minor changes that have major impact on the way your kitchen looks and funtions. Today’s new kitchens have fewer upper cabinets and islands. Both...

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Ultra Violet is the Purple Rain We Need

Okay before you say it, I’ll say it for you, “What a new color of the year?” Seems like every few months I’m telling you about the latest color trends. That’s because trends are very subjective. They are based on many factors and opinions. The mood of the country or...

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