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Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Before you finalize your bathroom remolding project consider getting your fixtures up off the floor. Most bathrooms are small. The more fixtures you can suspend off the wall instead of mount to the floor the more spacious your bathroom will become. Wall-mounted...

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Modular System Designed for Kitchen and Bath

European homes don’t typically come with built-ins. Instead their furniture is of the “take with you” variety. Kitchens cabinets are pieces of furniture and open shelving. In the States, we expect our homes to come with a complete kitchen and baths. Meaning storage is...

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Gold is Back

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that gold is back. How can you get in style without doing a total remodel and breaking the bank? The same way you update your wardrobe by just adding pieces of gold jewelry. Gold accessories are the jewelry for your décor. A strategically...

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What’s at the Foot of Your Bed?

What’s at the Foot of Your Bed? If you are like most of us it’s probably a pile of clothes, bedding or shoes. There is a better solution than dumping everything on the floor. A bench, settee or pair of stools is a functional and attractive way to keep you organized....

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Stylish and Affordable Laminates

Once the darling of kitchen renovations in the 70’s, laminate countertops were all the rage. Ten years later, laminate was being replaced with natural stone, which in turn was replaced by quartz composite. What’s next? Look for surface trends to come full circle with...

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Decorating Sunshine

The best part of the holidays for me is when they are over! Nothing is as refreshing as taking down the tree, wreaths and garland. Putting away all those holiday decorations leaves a clean decorating slate for the new year. But before you start putting your house back...

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