3105 – All About the Surfaces

3105 - All About the Surfaces

New spaces take shape as drywall, hardwood floors and vinyl siding transform the interior and exterior of the bungalow while new doors and windows provide beauty and energy saving advantages. Homeowner, Liz Lowry, works with Ron, the finish carpenter, to recycle two old wooden doors into headboards for two of her three children’s bedrooms.

For Your Home Season 31

3106 – Electrifying Details

3106 - Electrifying Details

Renovating an old house always requires updating the electrical, plumbing and heating and cooling systems as well as replacing old bathroom fixtures, cabinets, countertops and finishing details. Discover what’s involved in selecting and installing all the new mechanicals and architectural details.

For Your Home Season 31

3107 – Finishing Touches

3107 Finishing Touches

It always take longer than you expect to complete any construction project but the wait is always worth it. Tour the finished bungalow with host Vicki Payne as she reveals the stunning details that transformed a 1920s bungalow into a functional home for a multi-generational family of five.

For Your Home Season 31

3108 – Do You Know?

3108 - Do You Know?

In this fact filled episode host Vicki Payne answers FYH viewers’ questions, like why do you have to have your furnace and air conditioner inspected each season? Which is best a natural gas fire pit or one that operates on propane? How can you protect your outdoor planters from winter weather and what kinds of Read More

For Your Home Season 31

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