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This Little Coop is Just Chicky

Driven by the growing interest in farm to table cuisine, many homeowners are turning their backyards into free range habitats for chickens.  From the suburbs to urban city lots, chic little chicken coops are dotting the landscape.  More and more cities are relaxing...

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May is National Pool Safety Month

May is National Pool Safety Month and as pool season kicks into full swing, parents across the country are taking safety precautions to keep their kids safe around water. This topic is so timely and important as most drownings occur when the child was thought to be in...

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All the Best Things to Do When You’re Snowed In

It's that time of year when snowstorms are plenty and staying inside becomes necessary. For many of us we tend to think the time is wasted and there is nothing to accomplish, but here are a list of the best things to do when you are snowed in. Enjoy! Click here to...

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7 Tips to Keep Your Xmas Tree Looking Good Longer

I love real Christmas trees. My home always smells amazing when I have it up and memories of my childhood come rushing back. But keeping your tree looking alive and well throughout the holidays can be a little daunting a times. These tips will surely help keep your...

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Blurring The Lines

As homes become smaller, architects and designers are finding ways to blur the lines between the interior spaces and the outdoor living areas. Assisting in this design process are newly developed materials that allow traditional walls to be replaced with large sheets...

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Color Splash

I’m ready for some color. We’ve been locked in this neutral world of gray, cream and taupe far too long. It’s time to break out the paint rollers, do a little furniture shopping and head to the art galleries. Adding color is affordable and can be rendered in large or...

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