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Technology Gives Ceramics a Second Wind

The ceramic tile industry is being revolutionized. What you’ll soon see in stores are products that blend 3-D digital printing technology, century-old manufacturing techniques and skilled artistry. Digital printing technology allows manufacturers to produce ceramics...

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What’s Trending in Home Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a home. The right lighting creates an inviting environment and sets the scene for entertaining guests, while largely impacting the functionality and perceived value of your home. Statement light fixtures have the...

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Floorcloths of Vinyl or Canvas are Versatile and Inexpensive

I’ve recently rediscovered floorcloths, a refreshing alternative for dressing up your flooring. Let’s face it, there are just some places that aren’t suitable for standard fiber-based rugs. Floorcloths are about as vintage as you can get for a good reason: They are...

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A Home Library That’s Easy on the Eyes

I’ve always been a book person. I love the way books feel when I hold them, how they look stacked neatly on a coffee table and the orderly beauty of rows and rows of books on a shelf. Over the years, my books have grown into a library. They remind me of all the...

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Attention to Detail is What a Stylist Knows Best

Most designers and consumers prefer pieces with a history and a story. They add panache to spaces and reveal so much about who lives here. Anyone can go into a furniture store and purchase an entire room where all the pieces have been preselected. But it takes time to...

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Create Mix-an-Match Dining Room

Your dining rooms can become boring, unused spaces if you’re not careful. Too many of us seem to think having a formal dining room means it has to be furnished with traditional, matching furniture. Well, keep your dining room, but relax the style so it gets some...

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