2016 Fall Trends

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2016 Fall Trends
Living Room with New Neutrals from Home Depot

Fall is the time of the year to reeve up your redecorating schedule. Before you know it the holidays will be here bringing lots of opportunities to entertain. Nothing motives me more than the pressure that comes with hosting parties and family visits.

Before you start planning your decorating projects take time to discover what’s trending so your efforts and hard earned dollars will yield results that will stand the test of time.

Sarah Fishburne is the Director of Trend and Design for The Home Depot. It’s her job to stay on top of today’s leading home improvement trends and colors. I had the opportunity to sit down with Sarah for an insider look into the styles you should be incorporating into your fall decorating projects.

ppu10-12-whitened-sageColor is always the most important factor to consider before planning your project. “We’re seeing a resurgence of updated neutrals – think cooler colors, grey and taupe; livable palettes that work both inside and outside the home. Chalkier pastels like mint and pale aqua also fall into this category. One of my favorite colors is Behr Ultra’s whitened sage (PPU10-12).”

“Blues are not going away, but people are starting to use blue in new ways like navy blue on the exterior of the home or periwinkle on front doors. Green is also being reinvented in two ways; first is blue-based greens like jade and emeralds and second yellow-based greens which we will see a lot in outside spaces in 2017.” Says Fishburne.

In lighting trends, Sarah sees vintage industrial, farmhouse and nostalgic styles trending. Old styles are being reinvented as people select lighting that remind them of things they have seen on vacations or grandparents’ homes, etc. A cleaner look without too much fuss is very fashionable. Mixing materials like wood with metal or matte gold with oil-rubbed bronze is becoming more and more prevalent.

Moonstone Silestone Countertops

As more consumers embrace contemporary and cleaner styles the looks are shifting to a softer, more approachable feel. The classic shapes are still the same, but the lines are unpretentious with a new spin on the decorative details. Simpler molding, recessed kitchen cabinets, even interior and exterior doors with modest details are gaining popularity.

One of the principal evolving categories is flooring. While natural wood and wood patterned tile continue to be popular, homeowners are experimenting with the color of wood and tiles to achieve more of the reclaimed, farmhouse feel with techniques like whitewashing and distressing. Shapes are also evolving. Elongated tiles or differentiating shapes and sizing are trending. Hexagons shapes are everywhere in both flooring and tiles.

Morning Fog Tiles from Home Depot

You will start to see less contrast in color between cabinets, countertops and backsplash areas. Instead the focus is on the shapes, textures and sheens – matte or shiny – to create a more tactile feel and interest. Decorators are using furniture, accessories and lighting to provide impact in kitchens.

Fresh color on the walls, new flooring, updated lighting and a simple kitchen refresher like a new backsplash can make a huge difference in the way your home embraces the upcoming holiday season. Being on trend assures the changes you make will keep you satisfied longer.

Tile Transformations

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Pattern can be very tricky to incorporate into your décor. It is much safer but boring to stay with solid colors. Hardwoods and carpet are popular because they’re a save choice. But neither fit the bill when it comes to durability for kitchens, bathrooms and service areas. They are also so neutral that they lend very little excitement to a room’s décor.

A great solution to shake up your spaces might be patterned porcelain tiles. During the past couple of years tile manufacturers have expanded tile options to include exciting geometric designs and floral patterns. Porcelain tile is durable, cleans easily, doesn’t stain, scratch or dent and resist water. It’s a great choice for interior as well as exterior applications.

Now that you’re considering the benefits of using tile in the standard spaces think about incorporating pattern tiles into your living room, bedroom or dining room. But, how do you mix patterns into your existing décor? Start by thinking of patterned tile as fabric. Then work with basic color combinations. What color is your furniture? Is the fabric a solid, print, tweed or floral?

Tile Transformation Bedroom

If your furniture is a solid color it is easy to pick out a great pattern tile that you like and have fun adding it to the floor or the walls. Yes I did say walls. It’s the hottest trend in Europe and catching great traction here, coast to coast. Choose to do both surfaces? Try to identify two patterned tiles with a common feature. If you love your main color and don’t want to move too far from it, work with different patterns that are close in color to your main color to create a fun yet uniform look. Pinks work well with reds and blues that have red undertones.

Think about the scale of the patterns that you want to combine. Remember that the largest scaled pattern will always establish the main color for the room. Select one large pattern design and combine it with two smaller patterns. For example, a large geometric pattern, a smaller geometric pattern and perhaps a stripe or polka dot create a pleasing combination.

Stripes and dots read like solids when mixing patterns. They help establish a fun, playful mood. Great for playrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and any space that’s more casual plus they are a safe “go-to” option.

For more formal spaces consider using classic patterns such as squares, chevrons, herringbone and pinstripes. Two colors are more formal than three or more colors in a pattern. You can bring a bit of the whimsy into a formal space with the use of star patterns or diamonds.

Tile Transformations Living Room

To make a grand statement with pattern consider using a bold motif with lots of color on the floor and then picking up those colors in accent pillows. But keep the pillows in solid colors or small-scaled patterns. Remember the statement is the floor don’t try and compete with it.

Black and white combinations are sophisticated. They’re an easy mix and match even for beginners. It’s hard to make a mistake with this chic color combination.

Dark and light create the ultimate wow effect. Using navy with vivid orange or black with pastels. The combinations are endless and fun to play with.

Decorators have never had so many wonderful options in patterned tiles. Regardless of your color scheme, the mood you want to set or your budget you’re bound to find the perfect combination of patterns, colors and textures that will add real panache to your home’s décor.


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